Reclaimed Barn Wood

Across the American Heartland are hundreds, if not thousands of reminders of a long ago century that saw farming as the primary economy of this country. Barns are a piece of our American heritage all across this country. At Barn Wood Studio we take great pride in reclaiming some of that heritage.

We maintain an extensive inventory of reclaimed barn wood. Much of the lumber is more than 100 years old and each piece is absolutely unique. We have a wide variety of reclaimed lumber, from beams and timbers to siding and planks. Whether you are looking to clad an accent wall or produce your own craft projects, we have a great selection to pick from, with competitive prices. Regardless of the quantity of reclaimed lumber you need, from just a few small pieces to thousands of square feet, we can help you select exactly what you need.

We also make many items from reclaimed barn wood. We produce unique dining and coffee tables, barn doors, mantles, sconces and wine racks from the extensive inventory of reclaimed lumber that we have. We always have a variety of these items available in our showroom or you can come work with our team to design a custom and unique reclaimed barn wood item.

Our inventory of reclaimed lumber and antique products is constantly changing, be sure to come check out what we have and pick out that unique piece of the American Heartland for your project.



We are frequently asked if we buy or dismantle barns?

Every barn situation is unique and interesting. We examine each situation on an individually basis to determine the value a particular barn may have to us. We typically do not pay to take down barns, however we do dismantle barns for free if it has particular value and interest to us.

Unfortunately, not all barns meet our criteria to take it down for free. If you are in need of having your barn removed and are considering paying a demolition company to do the work, please consider letting us bid on the removal. We can work with you to save money and at the same time save much of the lumber from going into a landfill.

Contact us at with information regarding your barn removal project. Please include the property address of the barn and pictures of the barn as well as your contact information, we will then contact you regarding your barn removal situation.